Preparing for Your Dream Photoshoot | The Welcome Packet

When you book a modern glamour photoshoot with Emily London Portraits, you'll receive a beautiful welcome packet. If you take advantage of the in-person consultation, I'll send it home with you. If your consultation happens over the phone, you'll get treated to finding a lovely package in the mail. Either way, I'll discuss all the included information during your consultation so we can make your dream photoshoot a reality.

A beautiful welcome packet is sent to every client after she books a modern glamour photoshoot with Emily London Portraits in Utah.  

For anybody who's interested in offering beautiful Photoshoot Preparation Guides for your own clients, stay tuned! I'm in the process of designing several Glamour Photoshoot Guides, and I expect the first one will be ready by the end of this week! 

Emily London

Emily London is a portrait photographer for women. She's also a wife (of 10 years!), mother of two, graphic designer, ukulele enthusiast, cookie dough connoisseur, and photography mentor.