The Beautiful Products and How They're Delivered

When your photoshoot is over, we will have created some of the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself. You'll be able to choose your favorites, and decide how you'd like to display them. You can decorate your home with a beautiful framed portrait, or even an entire wall gallery. Or, for a special (and possibly private) option, the handmade Folio Box is a beautiful keepsake designed to protect and showcase the images inside. 

In addition to the products we create, any image you buy will be saved on a USB drive as a high-resolution file, which will be print quality up to the size you purchased. 

Samples of all these beautiful products will be in my studio on the day of your photoshoot, so you can see them in person. If you would like to see them before booking a shoot, a free consultation in the studio will be the perfect way to answer any questions you may have. 

The beautiful products from a modern glamour photoshoot with Emily London Portraits in Salt Lake City.

For my photographer friends, the rest of this post is the final part of a series on branding. Beginning with logo and brand design, then showcasing the welcome packet I send to each client, and now ending with the products and packaging I deliver to my clients. 

The USB Drives

In the image above you'll see the customized USB drives and the lux packaging for them. In each drive I create for my clients, I include a folder containing the High-Res files, named something like, "Print Quality Photos (7x10)". A second folder named "Web Size Photos (1000px)" has watermarked files saved to 1000px on the long edge. I make these PNG format, which looks better in Facebook than JPG, and name them "Emily London Portraits Utah Photoshoot 2013 - 1". I also include a Print Release file which gives the client permission to print their photos, their Before & After, a shortcut linking to my website and one linking to my facebook page, a copy of my price list, and a referral card in JPG format for sharing.

The Folio Box

The Folio Box is handmade by Finao and customized with my logo. They offer two depths, the deeper on holds 26 matted prints, and the shallow can fit 18. I buy both, and provide the shallow one when my client orders 6 or 10 images, and the deep one for my 20 image set. Either way my cost is the same.

I also use Finao's Slide-In Mats. While they offer several size options, I prefer the 7x10" matted to 11x14. Why 7x10 and not 8x10? A) It looks better in the 11x14 mat, B) It's the crop ratio that my camera uses, and C) It makes people look slimmer/longer. I do have a sample image cropped both ways, so I can show the difference to my client if they ask. Usually they don't.

The prints inside the folio box are made at ProDPI. I use them because they're quick, they're reasonably priced, and they include a free candy with every order. My paper preference is the Fugi Deep Matte, although I show several paper options to each client and let her decide. 

The Framed Gallery and Other Framed Prints

I designed the 9-up frame to hold nine 5x7.5" photos, and to be the exact same dimensions as a 16x24 framed print. Simply Color Lab makes them for me, as well as my individually framed prints. I chose Simply Color Lab because they allowed me to design my own 9up, and it was important to me to find a printer/framer who would be able to create all the framed products I wanted to offer. This way, if my client orders a 9-up and a 16x24, the frame styles will match. They also offer large print sizes with the 2:3 ratio that is sometimes tricky to source, but is definitely my preference.

Once I decided to start ordering through Simply Color Lab, I bought their frame corner set so my clients can see all the frame style options in person.

The Packaging and Final Presentation

When I deliver an order to my client, I want the presentation of their portraits to be perfect. I wrap the folio box in tissue paper, and top it off with a custom wax seal with my logo (using black hot-glue-gun wax). I make my wax seals ahead of time and adhere them to my packaging with super strength glue dots from Hobby Lobby.

I then bag the folio box, and USB case in a customized album bag. I purchased several sizes, so whichever size print my client orders, I'll have the right size bag. For a beautiful finishing touch, I use tulle (from Hobby Lobby) instead of tissue paper. 

The beautiful packaging from Emily London Portraits in Salt Lake City.

Emily London

Emily London is a portrait photographer for women. She's also a wife (of 10 years!), mother of two, graphic designer, ukulele enthusiast, cookie dough connoisseur, and photography mentor.