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Get One-on-one photography mentoring

Ready to take your business to the next level, but need more resources and support to get there? 

If you're struggling, Emily can give you the tools to:

  • get more clients

  • manage work/life balance

  • create systems to manage your studio workflow

  • build an incredible photography portfolio

  • brand yourself to stand out in your market

  • set up a beautiful website and marketing materials

  • feel confident, capable, and fully self-expressed in your business


As one of Sue Bryce's official mentors, Emily has been mentoring glamour photographers for the past year while simultaneously building a successful portrait business. For more details on booking a mentor session that is fully customized to address your specific hurdles, fill out the mentoring info request form by clicking the button below. 

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Glamour Guide Templates for Photographers

Want to educate your clients while delivering a beautiful and elegant introduction to your studio, setting the stage for the luxurious experience you offer? Check out my Glamour Guide Templates for Photographers in the Template Shop.


Dream Portfolio Building shoot

Next Bookings in Paris will be in September, 2020


Articles for the Modern Glamour Photographer

by Emily London Miller

Getting Started - (Building Your Skills and Portfolio)

My Photography Beginning - A Glamour Boot Camp

I discovered Sue Bryce soon after I took up photography in May 2012. Enchanted by her modernized glamour photography and amazing teaching style, I bought her Glamour Photography Course and never looked back.

I connected deeply with this new take on glamour portraits. I could do makeup. I could learn hair. Sue Bryce made everything look so easy, I was sure I could figure it all out eventually. So I gave five free makeover/photoshoots to friends, and afterwards I knew I had found my true love. I also realized that it was not at all as easy as it looked, and that I needed some major practice if I was going to become great at this.

What followed was a brutal boot-camp style two months that kicked my ass and taught me so much. Read More...

Glamour Portfolio Building for Photographers

For several months after my self-inflicted glamour bootcamp, my main focus shifted from shooting, to creating the business. I continued educating myself, watching course after course from creativeLIVE; amassed an enviable makeup collection; expanded my studio to the rest of my basement; upgraded my camera; designed my branding; built my website; and then got stuck on deciding what to offer, what to charge, and how to make a reasonable income. I spent months researching products, creating pricing models, and being indecisive.


Branding - (Brand Identity, Marketing Materials, and Packaging)


Designing a new logo and branding can be a really exciting and fun process. The main down side is that it's a hell of a lot of work. Whether you plan to hire a professional designer, or to bust out your own mad-design-skills, you'll need to decide the overall mood and values of your brand before your project can take flight. 

When I began my own branding journey, I watched branding courses, studied books and blogs, and spent weeks worrying and revising. Now that it's all over, I'm proud of the branding I created for my own business, and I hope you'll be able to benefit from some of the tricks I picked up along the way. Read More...


I offer three main products to my clients. They can choose to decorate their homes with a beautiful framed portrait, or a gorgeous framed wall gallery. For a special (and possibly private) option, the handmade Folio Box is an elegant keepsake designed to protect and showcase the images inside. 

For my photographer friends, this post shows the beautiful products I sell, and how they're packaged to deliver to my clients.

Read More...  

Building Your Team

Hiring Staff - How I Found My Studio Manager

A couple of months ago, it became apparent to me that I really need some help. There were certain tasks I dreaded doing for my business, and I was pretty much procrastinating other important things in order to avoid the stuff I wasn't especially keen on (answering phones, anyone?). 

When you're ready to hire employees for your studio, you'll want to read this post about how to find and interview amazing people, and how to streamline the process to be super quick and efficient.


How to Find World-Class Makeup Artists

If you are on the hunt for incredible makeup artists, this post will answer some important questions about: 

  • where to find makeup artists

  • how to know if they're damn good

  • how to communicate your needs to them

  • how much to pay them

  • how to build up a database of reliable, talented makeup artists that you can depend on Read More...

How to Work with World-Class Makeup Artists

This is the second (and last) post in the series on Building a Makeup Artist Database. We've already learned how to find great makeup artists, and (I hope!) booked several test shoots. Now let's talk about how much to pay your artists, how to work well together, and how to keep the keepers. 


Photoshop Tutorials - (My Post-Processing Workflow)

A Glamorous Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you'll see how I edit a modern glamour portrait in Photoshop. Learn how to correct skin, extend backgrounds, contour the body and face using the dodge and burn tools, apply skin smoothing filters using Aperture Portraiture, and use Alien Skin Exposure 4 for a fine-art look. 

You'll also get a look at my workflow, beginning with Lightroom, into Photoshop, and back to Lightroom to keep the editing as non-destructive as possible. Read More...

Glamorous Backlight Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you'll see how I edit a back-lit glamour portrait in Photoshop. Learn how to enhance eyes, add in a catch-light and extra eyelashes, correct skin using the clone stamp tool, change the shape of the hair and clothing using liquify, apply skin asmoothing filter (Aperture Portraiture), and use Alien Skin Exposure 4 for a fine-art look. 

You'll also get a look at my workflow, beginning with Lightroom, into Photoshop, and back to Lightroom to keep the editing as streamlined as possible. Read More...