Can you make me look cute and skinny?

When my mom asked a photographer to take her photo (several years ago), she had one request: "Can you make me look cute and skinny?" To which she replied,

— another photographer

My mother told me this story years later, the first time we saw New Zealand photographer and instructor, Sue Bryce, teach about the power of posing. Through her tears, Mom pointed to the women on the screen and said, “That. Is magic.”

That very day, intending to apply our new knowledge about posing, Mom became my first client. We thought I would be able to magically transform her the same way we had just seen on the screen.

We learned that watching a posing master direct her clients into slimming poses that seem natural and convey very specific, genuine emotions looks simple enough, but is actually an amazing art form on its own - one that requires hyper-focus, attention to detail, clear communication, and hours upon hours of study, practice, and repetition. 

So, from that point forward, I dedicated myself to becoming a master at posing in my own right. I sought out women of all

ages, shapes, and sizes to photograph. 

It was the memory of my mother's tearful story that drove my pursuit of mastery with posing. So all my clients would walk away from a portrait session with me feeling incredibly beautiful. 

I finally felt like I had "made it" when my mother came back for another photoshoot nearly two years later. Not only were her poses physically transformational, but her confidence was obvious, her inner light was radiant, and she was finally giving herself permission to feel truly beautiful. That was when I said to her through my own tears, "You are so beautiful, mommy."

That. Is Magic.

Same Day Transformation Showing the Power of Posing (No Slimming Done in Photoshop)

Same Day Transformation Showing the Power of Posing (No Slimming Done in Photoshop)