Ready to take your business to the next level, but need more resources and support to get there? 

Emily can give you the tools to:

  • get more clients
  • manage work/life balance
  • create systems to manage your studio workflow
  • build an incredible photography portfolio
  • brand yourself to stand out in your market
  • set up a beautiful website and marketing materials
  • feel confident, capable, and fully self-expressed in your business

As one of Sue Bryce's official mentors, Emily has been mentoring glamour photographers for the past year while simultaneously building a successful portrait business. For more details on booking a mentor session that is fully customized to address your specific hurdles, fill out the mentoring info request form below. 


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What Photographers are Saying

Victoria Pavlatos - Photographer at Tori Ava Photography (and Mother of Nine!)

Victoria Pavlatos - Photographer at Tori Ava Photography (and Mother of Nine!)

"Three years ago I was blessed to meet Sue Bryce, and through her guidance I was able to hone my photography style and skill to a new level. I built a studio in my garage, and had all the pieces to the puzzle, BUT COULD NOT MAKE IT WORK! I could not find a way to effectively manage raising my family and running a business. You see, I have nine (yes, 9!) beautiful children, and hubby that works about 90 hours a week. 

When I first met with Emily, I told her my situation and her wheels immediately started turning. She was able to look at my entire business and life situation and come up with a tangible, realistic... strategic plan! I sat there... jaw dropped! (It was actually very emotional for me.) For the last five years I had been diligently searching for answers to no avail...and she was able to assess, plan and give the most creative ideas in just a few hours... This petite powerhouse had more wisdom, insight and sound advice than any CEO out there. It was truly mind blowing!

Emily London can assess even the most difficult business situations and come up with solid solutions and honest input. I've had two other skype mentoring sessions with Emily over the last couple of months. It's truly been life altering. I haven't accomplished everything that needs to be done... but I HAVE A PLAN!!! I know the direction I am going in, and -more than that- I have HOPE!

With all sincerity, Emily London has been one of the biggest business influences in my career. 

Thank you Emily... you have rocked my world!!!!"

Chelsea Lewis - Photographer and Make- Up Artist at Chelsea Lewis Photography

Chelsea Lewis - Photographer and Make- Up Artist at Chelsea Lewis Photography

"Emily’s motivated personality and drive to succeed is infectious. I am just in the beginning stages of my mentoring with Emily, but even in just my first consultation with her, I felt more empowered and motivated than I have words to describe. After our initial conversation, I had no doubts this would be the right decision for me and began making plans to make it happen. I felt the biggest sense of hope and confidence. 

Emily truly has the heart of a mentor, in that, she can see your own struggles more than you can see them yourself and she genuinely wants you to reach your own personal goals, and plans your mentoring around how to reach them - because everyone's business goals are so different. In just one part of our conversation, Emily listened to my thoughts, and immediately pinpointed that my real issue was not what I thought it was. That clarity is powerful.

I wanted to share a little bit of my experience with Emily London Miller... in hopes that if anyone might be on the fence about springing for some one-on-one mentoring, this will affirm your decision to take the plunge! I would encourage you to schedule a consultation. You won’t be disappointed if you determine that Emily is the right fit for your mentoring needs."

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